Unknowing phase

Feel the life in nature

Sometimes the silence itself is peaceful.
As if all the unanswered questions, have got their pathways, towards the answer.
There is a deeper satisfaction gained in resolving some disturbing doubts.
The state of mind being , thoughtless and feeling the positive vibe.
The rhythm of completeness alongwith the sounds coming from surrounding.
The tiny little rays coming up from the flashback, no more breaks you apart.
Feels like being childish but this time…a bit mature.
The time when these sparkling stars actually feels brighten up.
The entangled thoughts have finally headed towards correct directions.
The breathing patterns are normalised, ensuring a stable way of life.

#Hope, Mindfulness, Peace all around.



My Dear Life,

Let me be the different shades of pink..
Which fits in every occasion, I need to attend….
Which enhances the vibrance all around the climate….
Which fades and darkens but stays the same…

Which never creates any sort of confusion in my thought process..
Any shade we choose , it calls itself pink always!

Let me be the different shades of pink..
Which sorts this life right away.

Shades of pink

Let go..

Let go..

Let go the things no more in your hand..
Let go,the actions which bargain the length of your smile..
Let go the spinning thought shaking all your mind..
Let go the desire costing more than what your happy for..
Let go the try which requires only your eyesight..
Let go the words which gets bambard on your lifestyle..
Let go the silence which nullifies your life..
Let go the misunderstandings which doesn’t resolve through your explanation..
Let go ..Let go ..Let go..

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