“Your goal is not to battle with the mind, but to witness the mind.”– Swami Muktananda

Just as we say dreams take us to a another world.(call it imaginary world)
Meditation takes us away from the world around and brings us to ourself (The only entity to revolve at that moment. )
Lets say it as a trip or like a field visit,planned to know more of ourself.
Send some magical focus waves towards the part of us which is trying to heal through the pain.
Uplifting all the powers ,gathered from inside unknowingly from this process.
A deep sense of silence captured like a ‘shot’ between the clashes of heart and brain.
Resistance of replies and acceptance of all , volunter’s to understand why we are alive.
Just by observing the cycle of breath and movements involved we land on to a place,which we can completely call as MINE
Every time you open your eyes, it rejuvenates you to live your life.

Criticizing or Appreciate

Unfortunate to say but a factfull thing… criticise has become a comman part in the society now a days.
Doesnt matter what the age, post, position,authority the fellow one has, one has to bear with it and in reply thinks to do the same…
But factfully appreciation is more positive which spread its vibes with all of us isnt it?..
Is the criticise coming up from jealousy, revenge…? Or sometimes may be its unknowning??…
we never know..there is a line “Any one can copy you, but no one can copy your ideas.” so why worry?

why to criticise one due to jealousy and low down there ability to work far…
why to criticise one just because your bonding doesnt end up well?
why to criticise one because they cant stand for themselve in oppose?
Criticise leaves everyone apart…while.. Appreciation would make development of all…
Lets end up the thought and make a new change…
Just ignoring the faults,chose just to correct them…
every heartbreak criticise doesnt need a back reply..
sometimes your silence and time, speaks up the right answers.

Wait for the change.

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Story of a girl

The phase when she is in her twenties…with the enlarging numbers in her “bucket list”… she moves forward in life…. not less challenges she wakes up to survive….her struggle for career may  not be preferred as her essential need… because this “so called society” wants to trap her in household needs…yes they are right in the “point of view” which they are showcasing…But this should be same for all human beings… one hour late wake up of a boy has a reason behind…girl waking up late leaves questions and makes faces behind….no matter their professions that comes in between this judgemental behavior the priority is always defined… independence of married-unmarried lady the society keeps this stability to disturb her mind….

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